Wednesday, June 01, 2011

RevEye: Even more reverse image search

Google asked me to change the name of my Chrome plugin "ChromeEye" into something that did not violate their terms. Fair enough. I changed it to "RevEye", and took the opportunity to make some changes to the user interface as well.

First, I added the Cydral engine to the list of reverse image search services included, since it has been producing some very nice results lately.

Second, I added an option to change the context menu: You can now choose either to use one default search engine, or to have a cascaded menu with all options on every search. My favorite option is the one that opens all services in different tabs.

These changes basically make RevEye a "meta reverse image search tool", since it now includes the complete functionalities by the TinEye, GaZoPa or Cydral plugins. So off you go then! Install it and have fun tracking images.

RevEye v1.2 is a free download available from the chrome web store.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this nice plugin! I really like the Cydral Image search engine, too.

aurakissgyu said...