Monday, February 28, 2005

Getting into ActionScript

I learned Flash ActionScript last month, to do the special effects of some design pages. We applied them to one page and basically recycled them for the other two (here and here - Spanish warning!). They're all done now, and I think they're quite esthetically pleasing;-) If you're into ActionScript, check the the dynamic menu, the text effects and the flashy image transitions. Pretty basic I suppose, but not a bad start either.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Here we we go then!

Okay, it was about time I started this blog, common sense just forces me to. I mainly plan to post info and comments on a few things I'm doing, and obviously, feedback is welcome (since it is the first step towards improvement).

First of all there's my wicked internet experiment, Squobble. I won't explain on it too much now, since it's a pretty simple thing to understand. Moreover, its behaviour is still changing, so I will just comment the parts as they stabilize. In short, it's pure fun, leaning over to the crazy side. Then, there's the audio related investigation stuff I do, ranging from voice recognition to music processing algorithms. Pure fun too, but at least this matter is scientifically justified. And last and least there's a tiny bit on graphic design (mostly web design) just for the love of it. Anyway, a nice "Welcome to you, dear reader!" seems to be appropriate to finish this first post.

PS1: On the to do list: change the crappy template design of this page in something a little more neat.
PS2: Welcome to you, dear reader!