Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Graphic-design competitions for electrical engineers

Nature-Inspired Problem Solving
Last year I made this drawing. It was my submission to the t-shirt design competition of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. The goal was to make a drawing inspired by the scientific field of "computational intelligence". It also had to feature the slogan "Nature-Inspired Problem Solving".

The idea and drawing took me a few hours in Inkscape, but these turned out to be hours well invested, as I won the competition. So, the IEEE CIS will be handing out shirts with this design at their conferences. Awesome. And besides, I got an iPad for it, so I'm pretty happy to confirm that I'm still living Maurice Moss' dream.

The funny thing is, it's the second time I participate in an IEEE drawing competition and I won both times. Last time I drew the logo for the IEEE region 8. That's a pretty good success rate. But how is it possible?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the IEEE respresents electrical engineers all around the world, and not graphic designers. And I am lucky enough to know a thing or two about drawing lines. So if that's the reason, the equivalent would be an electrical-engineering contest for graphic designers. I'd love to see that. At the very least it would produce interesting results.