Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comparing the weather forecast for two cities

Going out for the weekend but can't make up your mind between two great places? Wolfram Alpha to the rescue! I found out you can compare weather forecasts with it too. Just use their weather forecast with the "versus" operator, like in this recent query of mine

and up pop the results:

For less well-known cities you might give Wolfram Alpha a hand by adding some parentheses etc.:

Happy walphing!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

An exquisit blank HTML page

Fancy hacking together a quick single-page web site? No? Well I do. Just in case you change your mind, here's a high-quality blank HTML page you can use as a starting point. It's transitional XHTML and has utf-8 encoding, so that should allow for doing quite a few crazy things.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spanish DNI and NIE letter calculator

As I couldn't find this really well done anywhere online, I made a small tool to calculate the letter of the Spanish DNI. For expats living in Spain, you can use it to calculate the letter of a NIE too.

Here it is: Calculadora de letra de DNI y de NIE.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Google reverse image search on desktop

Google finally adjusted their Goggles service for the desktop, so we can now also add their service to list of reverse image search tools, which already included the algorithms of TinEye, Cydral and GazoPa among others. First results show it's a winner, returning more identical results, more visually similar images, and interesting context information. Go to images.google.com to see if it's available in your region.

To commemorate the occasion, I released a new version of RevEye, the Chrome plugin to perform reverse image searches. It now includes searches by Google, TinEye, Cydral, and I've added Yandex and Baidu to the list since they also do pretty well.

RevEye v1.3 is a free download available from the chrome web store.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

RevEye: Even more reverse image search

Google asked me to change the name of my Chrome plugin "ChromeEye" into something that did not violate their terms. Fair enough. I changed it to "RevEye", and took the opportunity to make some changes to the user interface as well.

First, I added the Cydral engine to the list of reverse image search services included, since it has been producing some very nice results lately.

Second, I added an option to change the context menu: You can now choose either to use one default search engine, or to have a cascaded menu with all options on every search. My favorite option is the one that opens all services in different tabs.

These changes basically make RevEye a "meta reverse image search tool", since it now includes the complete functionalities by the TinEye, GaZoPa or Cydral plugins. So off you go then! Install it and have fun tracking images.

RevEye v1.2 is a free download available from the chrome web store.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More reverse image search: ChromeEye v1.0

Yesterday I released a new version of my reverse image search extension "ChromeEye" for Google Chrome. While the first version was simply a bridge to the reverse image search engine TinEye, the new version 1.0 includes the option to use different search engines. At the moment that means images can be sent either to TinEye or to GazoPa. TinEye, which seems to be most popular reverse image search engine these days, looks mainly for exact matches. GazoPa uses a very different algorithm, based on visual features, with sometimes surprising results. Both are still improving their algorithms, obviously, so we´ll keep an eye on them.

That said, ChromeEye is now a plugin for reverse image search in general, and I will be including more search engines in the future. Note also that it is using the right click context menu for image searches. This was a much asked for option in the previous version, but technically not possible (due to Chrome restrictions) when I released it.

ChromeEye v1.0 is a free download available from the chrome extensions directory and from the chrome web store.