Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photo tricks pt.1

Laredo HillI just learned how to finetune Autostitch to make some pretty nifty panorama pictures. Check my last one, stitched together from 11 pictures. I also did some post-processing, but that might need some more finetuning. Anyhow, this looks like a nice way to toy with my weekend pictures.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Speech Analyzer v1.0

Phew, I'm starting to finish off some side projects. Yesterday I made the finishing touches on a speech analyzer program meant as an accompanying tool for a set of oratory courses in Spanish. It's programmed in .NET and makes some beautiful real-time plots of voice frequency (pitch) and speech rate. Some technical details: real-time pitch estimation was done by Noll's algorithm, real-time speech rate estimation was a mix between enrate and a newer correlation-based method. For the signal processing part we relied on the Exocortex.DSP FFT library, and for the graphics we used the ZedGraph classes.

Good. One for the archive.