Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Love Injections web sites

Now that Valentine is over, can we please proceed with the serious matter?

I programmed the websites for the release of the Love Injections book, written by Kim Brusselmans. Here are the English version (Love Injections) and the Spanish version (Inyecciones de Amor). This book might be described as "an original attempt to inspire people to boost their relationships", but to get a better idea of what that means you should check this page: Example pages.

The book is on sale in a few shops in Spain and Belgium, and after the crazily successful book presentations in Barcelona and Ghent, we also opened online shops for both countries.

The sites were done in Drupal, with a fairly simple Ubercart setup to deal with the shopping part. The minimalist graphic design was done by Luxoa and programmed as a subtheme of the Zen theme.

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